We are We Work Heart

We Work Heart is the solution for all your Personnel and HR challenges

As a staffing agency, we provide organizations with qualified personnel on a project or long-term basis. Besides finding and matching the right personnel for our clients, we build long-term relationships with clients and candidates.

Throughout the process, We Work Heart makes it as easy as possible for both client and candidate. This includes taking care of things like transportation, housing, or other facility and logistical solutions for candidates.
This support therefore offers various additional opportunities for foreign workers. We Work Heart also uses the latest technology, making many processes digital and automated, and in several languages.

In the search for personnel, in addition to our work in the Netherlands, we also use our own offices and our own recruiters in various countries in Europe. This sets us apart from many others. We have direct contact with our employees and clients. Without any form of noise. This allows us to present only the best people to our clients.

Once a candidate is placed with a client, active management also takes place from We Work Heart, in order to promote cooperation between client and candidate. This makes We Work Heart an accessible sparring partner for both parties. With sufficient contact moments, this significantly increases the chances of a long-term cooperation.

We can also step in immediately when changes or dissatisfactions arise. We switch quickly and immediately look for the best solution.


In 2016, initiator Elion Peters decided to use his knowledge in industry, construction and safety to look for the best matches between client and candidate. The former Blue Color & Safety was born, and its first project was immediately trend-setting. The Merwedebrug in Gorinchem (NL) was closed due to hairline cracks in the steel, and Blue Color & Safety was called in for safety supervision during the repair work.

Dozens of projects followed, and the company kept developing in professionalism, knowledge and diversity. From a stable base in the safety sector, Blue Color & Safety developed into a true partner for many clients in construction, metal and safety. New opportunities were exploited, and foreign branches were started up.
BCS became a European player with branches and connections in the Netherlands, Poland and Lithuania, Portugal and Slovenia.

By 2022, the company was growing at the seams. New markets were entered, and professionals from multiple sectors were brought in. Not at random, but selected from the right mindset and passion. A new direction was set, and Blue Color & Safety was transformed into We Work Heart. A name that represents the essence of the business: working from the heart, in search of job happiness.