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We Work Heart is committed to helping companies across Europe find the best professionals for their jobs. For every project and position, we look for the best match, contributing to the job happiness of our clients and candidates. With roots in the security industry, We Work Heart has grown into a serious player in several diverse industries. The combination of professionals, and the extensive network of professionals make us unique in what we do.

Where we generalize at the front door, we specialize internally. Our matchmakers themselves have extensive experience in the industries we recruit for. That makes us a specialist in multiple industries. In recent years, we have grown from a specialized employment agency into an agency with multiple branches.

So you take care of the work, we take care of the personnel. This way, you can do what you are good at and where your heart lies.

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If you have a company or a project that needs workers in the fields that we operate in, please click on the button bellow and contact us.

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a job.

If you are a qualified worker in the fields we operate in and you are looking for a job, please click on the button bellow and contact us.

Where are we looking for professionals?

We are looking for professionals with different specialties in the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Lithuania and Poland. Because we work in various diverse sectors we can provide everyone with a new job tailored to everyone’s qualities, wishes and ambition. From welders and electricians to firefighters and safety experts, and from diverse office positions to healthcare professionals.

Are you looking for more job happiness? Then get in touch with us. Together we will look for a job that makes your H.E.A.R.T. beat faster!

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