Our core values


The matchmaker in the workplace. We have a large international and extensive network of professionals in various disciplines. With years of experience, We Work Heart is a caring partner for clients and candidates in various sectors. A partner that goes out of its way to ensure that everyone is in their place and experiences sufficient job happiness.

After all, the happiness of our temporary workers and clients is central. For each candidate we provide a suitable job with good terms of employment.
We go the extra mile in building warm relationships. This provides happy employees, which is reflected positively in the workplace with happy clients and a happy employees.

And that is what we do it for: creating happiness!


We do it right the first time and aim for the best. Starting with a well thought-out selection process, we continue to optimize our processes throughout the entire process. We make maximum use of current technology, without losing the human touch. We develop together. We strive for the best for all our clients, candidates and our colleagues.


Adapting is in our nature. We believe that to stand still is to go backwards, which is why our dynamic organization never stands still. We seek a current solution for every challenge. We move with the constant changes in the labor market, from new international market conditions to legislative changes. This way we relieve our clients and employees, and we are rarely faced with surprises and are always up to date.


And we like results! Not just for ourselves, but for all our clients and candidates. Ambition is in our heads and in our “h.e.a.r.t”. Joint successes give us energy and that is why we always give 100%, always looking for the best long-term solution. We make intensive use of our international network, the latest technologies in recruitment and we think out-of-the-box.


We act as a true partner for all our employees, clients and suppliers. We focus on long-term partnerships and strong relationships. Relationships with a foundation of honesty and transparency. We are an open organization with a family culture. Real team players with heart for the business. Compassionate to the customer, loyal to ourselves and each other. Because happiness at work, we create together!